"William James was born January 11, 1872 in New york City." (about.com) "He went to Harvard for medicine." (Boeree) "In 1875, he began to teach at Harvard and taught 'psychology'. He taught in Harvard for 35 years and founded the first experimental psychology lab in the United States." (about.com) "In 1890, he published hi psychology textbook, called 'The Principles of Psychology'." (Boeree) "He had an interest in psychic phenomena, and this damaged his reputation among the psychological community." (Boeree) "He was considered the 'Father of American Psychology'." (Boeree) Many of Jame's students became famous in the psychology community, such as "Mary Calkins, Edward Thorndike, Stanley Hall and John Dewey." (about.com) "He died on August 26, 1910 at the age of 68." (about.com) He came to influence psychology today.
"Functionalism focuses on the prupose of consciousness and behavior." (about.com) "It was heavily influenced by William Jame's work" (about.com) "Functionalism came to have an infleunce on American behaviorism." (Boeree) "It also influenced the educational system" (about.com)