The steps of the scientific method are very simple. The first step is to ask a question. Ask yourself the five w's (who, what, where, when why). Think
about the question that you are going to ask, but the question much measure something. The next step is to Do Background Research. Start off searching
the internet for information, this step helps you set the foundation down for your question. Your third step is extremely important Construct a Hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess. You should use the hypothesis to answer your question. Then you Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment. By testing the experiment it tells us if your hypothesis is right or wrong. After that you Analyze and Conclude your Data. This step is important, because it tells you if your hypothesis is right or wrong. If your hypothesis comes out wrong then you have to start over and create a new hypothesis. But if your hypothesis can out answering your question you move to the next and final step which is Communicate your Results. Let others know that your hypothesis was positive.

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