Retrieval cues are very important if one wants to remember something. The more cues one has the better chances one has to remember a memory. Retrieval cues are the extra pieces of information we remember from a memory. For example, the smell of the place one was in, the background color behind the person one was talking to, or the mood of the atmosphere. These are all things that help one remember. They have also been called tags or hints.

To show that retrieval cues are important lets say someone lost their sight, then they were asked to repeat what they had done two days ago. The chance of that person remembering is much lower than a person who has normal vision. This is because they cannot link different sights with what they did. When asked most blind people could not remember as quickly as a normal visioned perosn. This shows that retrieval cues are very important in remembering memories.

(Myers, 2007)