Eye Anatomy

They eye is filled with water-like fluid. The front of the eyeball is a clear opening called the cornea. The cornea is a thin membrane. The cornea protects the eye and refracts light as it enters the eye. Then the light passes through the pupil, an opening. This is the black portion in the middle of thexternal image u14l6a1.gife eyeball. The size of the pupil opening can be adjusted by the dilation of the iris. This is the colored part of the eye. (Henderson, 2008).

Light that passes through the pupil opening, will enter the crystalline lens, which is made of layers of fibrous material. The lens is attached to the ciliary muscles. Those muscles relax and contract in order to change the shape of the lens. The inner surface of the eye is known as the retina. This contains the rods and cones which detect the intesity and the frequency of the incoming light. (Henderson, 2008).


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