Case Study
A case study is a study of one person, a small group, company, industry, situation, an individual case. The case study can explain symptoms, reactions, how a specific stimuli affects someone, how two things are similar even if it’s not proven, and a conclusion. Usually researchers use a very small number of subjects, due to the fact that case studies are a very detailed method of research.
Case studies are often used in the medical field to show how one drug is or is not safe. When the researchers study a small group of people or an individual they see how the drug reacts to them, whether it’s a good result or a bad one. Other fields can also use case studies to fix problems, or do research. In fact case studies are great research method because they are accurate. The only time the case study isn’t accurate is when the researcher interferes with the information to get the desired results. Case studies have also been popular when studying hypotheses, development, education, and can also be use in teaching methods.


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